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31st July 2014
It's the summertime, which means as much fun outdoors as possible (while we still can). And for those who have already kick-flipped every board and surfed every tube possible, here's a rundown of some of the most cutting edge extreme sports you can get involved with So read on, get the adrenaline pumped right up, and grab your helmet (not that one) for some seriously extreme fun.

River Bugging

Bored of using the same old normal-ass boat and paddle on the rapids to get your kicks? Then take it a step further by squeezing into a mini inflatable "bug" with only a pair of flippers and webbed gloves to steer yourself. River Buggers go feet-first and while you'll be tempted to try it all different ways, like you might on a water slide, do the sensible thing and stick to the rules. It's nutty enough as it is.

Mountain Unicycling

Most of us still struggle up the hill on a normal bicycle (with gears and everything), but some mentalists are traveling the terrain of actual mountains of just one wheel. The sport, commonly known as "muni", requires incredible balance and core body strength to compete. Not to mention a souped-up unicycle with strong hubs, high-grip pedals and extra-strong tyres. It's not the kind of thing you'd see your run-of-the-mill clown doing. Although that would be amusing.


Not only do you get to stand on a little contraption that shoots out jets of water from beneath your feet - propelling you up to 15 feet in the air - you hold onto a pair of super-powered water pistols to help you change direction (you'll be attached to a boat too, just in case). Imagine parasailing, but like a much more futuristic version - the sort of thing you could imagine James Bond doing in his spare time, if he was a gnarly kind of bro.

Volcano Boarding

Good ol' skateboarding just isn't enough for some adrenaline junkies - they need to take it one step further by hopping on to a thin metal board and surfing all the way down the side of a volcano. Yes, VOLCANO. The big danger is falling off onto the extremely rough volcanic ash on the ground. That, of course, and the bugger actually erupting, covering you in molten lava and leaving behind just a charred skeleton in a helmet and kneepads.


An extreme version of "slack-lining", where someone balances and walks across a length of rope-like material suspended between two points (like tightrope walking but less, erm, tight). While most hippies are content to do it in the park, between some trees at six inches off the ground, the proper daredevils do it 1,000s of feet in the air - between mountains, buildings, or whatever else they can find up there. With no safety net or anything.
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Zip's Guide To Facial Hair

30th July 2014
Nowadays, facial hair is more than just... well, hair. It's an accessory. An integral part of a man's look, whatever that look may be, of course - and trust us, there's a beard for every kind of look, even the "sitting around in your pants and watching football" look, which we're sure most have you have mastered. In case you're wondering just what to do with your facial hair this summer, take a look at our guide on the hottest styles around and get those clippers on standby.

The Patchwork Guilt

Not all men can grow a proper full beard. It's just one of life's harsh truths. Many are doomed to spend their adult lives with nothing more than patchy bum-fluff - the kind of thing you'd quite rightly be ridiculed for at school. So if you see a man with a little soul patch, Michael Eavis-style hair under the chin, or abstract beardy patterns, it's not because he's chosen to grow it that way for style - it's because he's got no choice. He's making the most of it though.

The Ironic Moustache

Sure, the moustache is a silly old thing to have on your face. It's also a literal measuring stick of proper masculinity. Which is why so many men grow them under the pretence of irony, when in fact they're doing it to look awesome and feel like a real man. The ironic moustache comes in all shapes and sizes - curly, droopy, brush-like, handlebar, and so on. The more ridiculous it looks, the more ironic it's meant to be. But don't believe a word of it. These blokes bloody love their moustaches. You should too.

The Trendy Tramp

It's become the height of hipster fashion to grow a giant beard - the longer and more unkempt the better. Years ago, if you walked into a bar sporting one of these, the normal folks would have muttered amongst themselves and maybe even ejected you from the premises before you started asking for spare change. These days, it's a sign you're one of the cool kids. Unless you're also drinking a can of wicked strength lager and happened to have pissed yourself, in which case you'll probably be thrown out anyway.

The Gos

With men everywhere going gay for Ryan Gosling, it's no wonder so many have attempted to emulate his impeccable facial hair - a style that's somewhere between rugged stubble and full man-beard. Possessing one of these beauties is a sure sign of manliness (for being able to grown one in the first place) and discipline (for being bothered to actually trim it). Do be careful not get carried away and start telling women that, like Gosling, you can do "the lift" from Dirty Dancing. It'll end in humiliation and back-ache.

The Classic Goatee

Also know as "the c*nt". Because that's what it makes you look like.
Zip's Guide To Facial Hair
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24 Celebrities And Their Pornstar Doubles

29th July 2014
Well, this title says it all really.

So here is 24 celebrities and their Pornstar doubles. And wow.. check out Selena Gomez's BANGING double!

24 Celebrities And Their Pornstar Doubles
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A Map Of Man Food Challenges

28th July 2014
It seems these days the only way to test whether a man truly is a man, is whether he can put away vast quantities of most indulgent grub around. So, just in case any of our readers need to reaffirm their masculinity (or just fancy stuffing their faces with some bloody tasty meat), here's some of the UK's top eating challenges.

The Wicked Waffle Challenge

Wicked Waffle - Portsmouth

What is it? From Portsmouth's premier gelato and waffle bar comes this mountainous man-dessert. It's comprised of four fresh waffles and 12 scoops of ice cream, topped with cream, chocolate sauce, and - of course - flakes. What do I win? Brain freeze like you never thought possible. Plus, if you finish the challenge in 45 minutes, it's free. If not, it'll cost you £25.

The Sloppy Jo Burger Challenge

Smokin Jo's - Attercliffe, Sheffield

What is it? A burger of epic, artery clogging proportions. Six steak burgers, 1lb of smoked pulled pork, 8oz of chilli con carne, 1lb of crispy bacon, and 8oz of Montery Jack cheese. And a side of chips and onion rings, naturally. What do I win? You'll eat for free and get a t-shirt. If you fail though, you'll go on their "Wall Of Shame".

999 Emergency Breakfast

Double Barrel Real Steakhouse & Grill - Rotherham, South Yorkshire

What is it? A fry-up so gargantuan, there will be some leftover for the paramedics when they're called out after your inevitable heart attack (the clue's in the name). Ten eggs, ten sausages, ten bacon rashers, and all the trimmings. What do I win? A voucher for a free starter or dessert. Which won't be much use when you're dead, will it?

Hot Wing Challenge

Red Dog Saloon - Hoxton, London

What is it? Six chicken wings made with fresh Naga Viper Chillis. No drinks are allowed to be consumed. You must wear gloves. You must also sign a waiver. Yes, this is serious business. What Do I Win? The knowledge that you're one of an elite few actually man enough to finish the challenge. Plus the mandatory t-shirt.

Love Me Tender

Blackfoot Restaurant, London

What is it? Southern BBQ style rack of ribs - cooked just how Elvis would have liked them. And he should know something about eating big - he popped his clogs and matching jumpsuit while sat on the toilet because he was such a massive fat mamper. What do I win? Nothing. But it will cost you £14.50. Worth every penny though, trust us.

72oz Steak Challenge

Hoggit & Hoof - Newbury, Berkshire

What is it? Pretty self-explanatory. Translates roughly as "shit loads of rump steak". Fifty quid's worth, in fact. What do I win? You'll eat for free if you finish it within an hour. But there are rules: no leaving the table, no sharing, no assisted carving, and no shitting yourself at the table. (OK, we're assuming that last one's a rule - it's just common sense.)

Widower Curry Challenge

Bindi Restaurant, Grantham, Lincolnshire

What is it? Allegedly the "world's hottest curry", the appropriately named Widower contains 20 of the near-atomic Naga Infinity Chillies. Chefs prepare it wearing goggles and face-masks, and the first man to ever conquer it suffered hallucinations during the challenge. What do I win? A seriously sore arsehole for the rest of the week.
A Map Of Man Food Challenges
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10 Facts About Lana Del Rey's New Album, Ultra Violence

25th July 2014
As Lana Del Rey releases her follow up album to the hugely successful 'Born To Die', we thought we'd give you 10 interesting facts about the new release, 'Ultra Violence'.

1, Lana Del Rey originally said she may not make another album after 'Born To Die'.

2, On January 23rd, 2014, it was announced that Lana Del Rey would be covering the song "Once Upon a Dream" (from the 1959 film Sleeping Beauty) for the 2014 dark fantasy film Maleficent. The single was released on January 26th. On February 20th, Del Rey posted a picture of herself and Dan Auerbach on Twitter with the caption "Me and Dan Auerbach are excited to present you Ultraviolence".

3, The first single of Ultraviolence, "West Coast", was released on April 14th. On May 23.

4, Del Rey performed three songs at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's pre-wedding celebration at the Palace of Versailles. West had previously played Del Rey's 'Young & Beautiful' during his proposal to Kardashian in October 2013.

5, "Shades of Cool", the second single, was released on May 26th, 2014.

6, The third single and title track, "Ultraviolence", was released on June 4th.

7, June 8th saw the release of the fourth single, "Brooklyn Baby".

8, Ultraviolence was released on June 13th, 2014, and debuted at number one in twelve countries, including the United States and United Kingdom.

9, The album sold 880,000 copies in its first week, worldwide.

10, Del Rey described her third studio album as being "more stripped down but still cinematic and dark."A Rolling Stone article revealed that Del Rey would be a guest on Brian Wilson's forthcoming studio album.
10 Facts About Lana Del Rey's New Album, Ultra Violence
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Meet The DarthCar

24th July 2014
Hot Wheels have released a video of the DarthCar. What on Earth is the DarthCar you yell?

Ahah! It's a car built from a Corvette C5 body, fitted with an LS3 engine, 526 horsepower, light sabers, and heavy breathing sounds from the Star Wars baddy himself.

It makes its debut at San Diego's Comic-Con this week!
Meet The DarthCar
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The Game Of Thrones Sex Infographic

23rd July 2014
Think Game Of Thrones has a lot of sex in it? Well, that's because it does.

Check out this infographic and see just who has been poking who!
The Game Of Thrones Sex Infographic
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The Game Of Thrones theme song played by the Queen's guards!

21st July 2014
This year, Game Of Thrones passed The Sopranos as the most-watched series of all-time. That alone tells you that shows popularity is immense!

Well, here's the Queen's guards at Buckingham Palace playing the Game Of Thrones theme song during the changing of the royal guards ceremony.

Believe us now ;)
The Game Of Thrones theme song played by the Queen's guards!
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Zip TV - Surfing Magazine's Swimsuit Girls

18th July 2014
Our server is finally back up! And here's what you've missed ↑ ↑ ↑
Zip TV - Surfing Magazine's Swimsuit Girls
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16th July 2014
Summer is here once again, which can mean only one thing - inadequate men all across Britain are quaking in their sandals. Forget drinking prowess, lifting heavy things, or being able to bring women to multiple orgasms with just your little finger - the real test of masculinity is the BBQ. So, if you're one of those blokes who are absolutely clueless when it comes to a good BBQ, here's a foolproof guide to blagging it like an absolute boss.


Buy some good quality burgers then stack them on a plate. Then toss some oil and flour tossed around the place to make it look like you made them yourself from mincemeat. You can also thinly spread some Heinz BBQ sauce over the chicken. It'll look like a posh marinade and no one will be able to tell the difference.


Rather than admit you don't know how light the BBQ, begin rustling the charcoal bag and ask a guest (by which we mean an actual, proper man) to borrow his lighter. When he comes over, pretend you've left something in the kitchen and chances are he'll light the bugger for you.


Knowing when the BBQ's hot enough to cook or when the meat's done is tricky. Get it wrong and your guests will be puking and shitting themselves all weekend with food poisoning. So take advantage of the social atmosphere and keep one of your man-friends talking near the BBQ. His natural bloke instincts will take over and he'll do the lot for you without even realizing.


To maintain the illusion that you're actually cooking, wear an apron and hold a spatula (or similar cooking instrument) for effect. Poke the burgers occasionally and say something like, "I'm not sure they're quite done yet," and wait to see if the proper bloke you've conned into cooking agrees or disagrees. No one will suspect you don't have a bloody clue what you're talking about.


There a fewer sights more manly than a bloke stuffing his face with barbequed meat, so you can subliminally make everyone think you were the real master of the BBQ by scoffing as many burgers and hotdogs as possible - a simple but effective psychological trick. Plus, you probably paid for most of it. And even if you didn't, it's your gaff.


A true BBQ chef can drink loads and still work magic on the grill. And since you're not the one actually doing the cooking, get as pissed as you want and don't worry about it - they'll all think you're doing a marvelous job of being a man. Just don't fall face first into the sausages and give the game away.


No real bloke cleans up after a BBQ. He cleverly guilt trips his guests into doing it as thanks for all the excellent cooking (or in this case, genius blagging). If you're lucky they'll leave their unopened booze in your fridge, which you can drink while scoffing the leftover chicken legs after everyone's buggered off home. You've earned it after all - it's bloody hard work being a man.
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