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Zip TV Presents: BIG F-ING WAVES

18th December 2014
These things surfers are riding in this video.. they're not waves. No no no.. They're sea monsters. BIG.. f-ing... SEA MONSTERS!!! And that big wave spot Nazare in Portugal has spawned some of them again recently.

Nazare, is like Jaws on steroids, and is home to the biggest waves on Earth. Last fall, Carlos Burle saved Maya Gabeira's life there, and it continues to be the focus of the largest wave riding in the world.

So that whole nor'easter that the Northeast U.S. had went through last week went across the Atlantic and did this. Again, sea monsters, not waves.
Zip TV Presents: BIG F-ING WAVES
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Wine To Whisky

17th December 2014
Wine To Whisky
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Yves "Jetman" Rossy redefines the boundaries of flight

16th December 2014
It's a bird, it's a plane...

oh, wait, it's actually ex-Swiss fighter pilot, certified madman, and Guinness World Record holder Yves "Jetman" Rossy strapped to a pair of jet-propelled wings thousands of feet above the Dubai desert.

If you're afraid of heights, avert your eyes. Everyone else, just watch in awe as Rossy, in partnership with XDubai, zips through an incredible formation flight with Aerobatics Champion Veres Zoltan.

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When Psychology Trumps Math at Poker

15th December 2014
Some poker players will read this article and scoff, feeling as though math is much more important than psychology in the game of poker. The truth is that both tools need to be used. If a poker player were only to use math, then they would be the equivalent to a pokerbot - a algorithm used to play against real online poker players. A pokerbot is a perfect example of why math lags psychology in order of importance.

In the online poker realm, a pokerbot can do a lot of damage. It will automatically and instantaneously calculate the odds for every situation, whether pre-flop, on the flop, on the turn, or on the river. The pokerbot will then make the "correct" play accordingly. When pokerbots first arrived on the scene, they would destroy real online poker players, but that changed.

Real online poker players began to figure out the patterns for a pokerbot. The best example is that a pokerbot will bet a marginal hand on the river if its opponent has displayed weakness throughout the hand. Real online poker players learned that if they raised the pokerbot in this situation - whether they held strength or were bluffing - the pokerbot would fold. This is only one example of how to beat a pokerbot. Several other strategies exist, and they're all based on using psychology to trick the pokerbot.

Here's another example for a live poker game. Let's say you're in a poker tournament and there are only four people left. The player to the right of you goes all-in when you're holding pocket nines. Mathematically, the correct play is to call. The odds of someone holding a stronger hand than pocket nines in a four-handed game are slim. However, in this situation, that same player to your right folded pocket jacks to the chip leader only ten minutes earlier. Therefore, you know he's not going to push all-in unless he's holding something stronger than pocket jacks, which means your pocket nines are beat.

If you were a math-only player, you would lose all your chips in this situation and finish in fourth place. That might mean some decent cash, but it's nothing compared to first place, and you would lose the opportunity to tell your friends and family that you won a big poker tournament. By paying attention to your surroundings and opposing player habits, you would avoid finishing fourth and keep yourself in the game.

This doesn't mean math isn't important. It's important for knowing pot odds, implied odds, and knowing the odds for certain situations, such as what your chances are for hitting the flush by the river when you flop four of the same suit. While math is an important tool, it can only take you so far. If you want to take your poker game to the next level, then you need to use psychology in order to figure out what your opponent is doing. This is especially important when attempting to figure out if his story throughout the hand makes sense: Is he telling the truth, or is he bluffing?

It's recommended that you learn the basic odds for poker and then focus primarily on psychology. It's often said that the key to success in poker is figuring out your opponents' hole cards. If that's the case, then you're going to need to use psychology, not math.
When Psychology Trumps Math at Poker
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A Sorta-Kinda-Hoverboard

15th December 2014
Some guy took four Leaf-blowers and a skateboard deck and turned them into a sorta-kinda-hoverboard...

Yup, Texan Ryan Craven proves, you can pull off something of similar with four gutted leaf-blowers, a sheet of plywood, and some gorilla tape.

Like the rest of the "hoverboards" of 2014.. it's cool, but it's not going to make you fly.

Without any sort of friction between you and the ground, you're not so much steering the board as you are standing atop it as it glides wherever the hell it wants. That said, I'd totally ride this thing until the batteries were dead and I fell off and broke some bones.

Where some use a hi-tech magnetic propulsion system to keep afloat, this one uses a pocket of air trapped inside a shower liner.

Where some roar-out loudly as they battle gravity, this one makes an endless series of fart noises.

We'll call it a tie! See what you think..

A Sorta-Kinda-Hoverboard
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10th December 2014
It's Cabo San Lucas, the jewel of Mexico, where the rolling sea of cortez, Mexico's famed deserts, and the sparkling expanse of the pacific ocean all converge in an explosion of beauty. It's a storied place of legendary pirates and parties, traditional culture and deserted beaches. From the arco Cabo San Lucas to the cactus-lined ridges of the foothills, the local fishing craft and yachts from around the world, it's a tropical wonder - as mysterious and beautiful as Miss Reef herself.

The 2015 Miss Reef calendar takes you to the storied tip of the Baja Peninsula with artistic flavor you've never seen before.

Shot entirely in Latin America, The 2015 Miss Reef Calendar aims to highlight the natural beauty that surrounds the Sea of Cortez and move back to the roots of the Reef brand.

Exotic locales, beautiful women and exceptional photography. What more could you ask for?

The Miss Reef calendar is 18" wide x 12" high when closed and features 13 months of beautiful women.

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The Top Ten Christmas Life Hacks

9th December 2014
The Top Ten Christmas Life Hacks
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Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

8th December 2014
It's been six years since "Iron Man" first flew onto our screens and established the Marvel movie juggernaut that shows no signs of slowing. The trademark blend of sci-fi action and wry wit has proved a massive success with critics and audiences alike, creating a large, dense universe of colourful heroes and villains. It seems like the cast has finally grown too big and wacky for one planet to hold them. Hence, we have "Guardians of the Galaxy", a film that is certainly connected to the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, although it mostly stands on its own. All the CGI explosions and dry wisecracks are as thrilling as they've ever been, even if the film itself isn't quite as unique as its trappings might suggest.

The plot follows Peter Quill, also known as Star Lord, an egotistical space cowboy portrayed by the newly-minted nerd king Chris Pratt. Quill was abducted from Earth after the death of his mother, and now he roams the stars in search of a quick buck. He's part Indiana Jones, part Han Solo, with a dash of Malcolm Reynolds from "Firefly" sprinkled on top. Despite the familiarity of the wise-cracking space jockey, Pratt makes the character immensely entertaining. His habit of dancing during times of adversity simply cannot be missed.

Quill finds himself in the possession of an "infinity stone", a powerful weapon whose abilities are never really explained, and finds himself embroiled in a galaxy-spanning chase with his unlikely companions, Rocket (Bradley Cooper), Groot (Vin Diesel), Drax (Dave Batista), and Gamora (Zoey Saldana). It's the interplay between each of these wisecracking usual suspects that makes "Guardians" so much fun. Everybody gets some solid belly laughs out of their respective role, and the script offers no shortage of ridiculous villains and sidekicks for them to riff off.

Having said that, the film does occasionally suffer from the same problem as some of the "Iron Man" sequels in that it can't seem to keep a straight face for long enough to let the more dramatic beats land. What could be emotionally resonant turns of the plot come off instead as quick gags. For instance, Drax wishes to kill the film's central villain, Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace), in order to avenge his murdered family. His single-mindedness in pursuit of this goal is played off almost entirely for laughs, and the poorly thought out plans he employs to achieve this goal come off as trite plot contrivances as a result.

But then again, is anybody going to watch this movie expecting Shakespeare? This is a Marvel flick, a big, loud action comedy wearing a comic book's clothes. It must said, it may be the funniest entry in the entire series, which is good news; if a film is going to rely so heavily on snark, it should at least be good at snarking. And the world we're exposed to is gorgeously created through some exquisite sound design and special effects. The makeup work deserves special commendation. The sheer variety of alien faces flitting across the screen should score the film an Oscar nomination in the makeup category for sure.

So Marvel's finally made a film that mostly stands on its own. It might be a bit of a hodgepodge, but it's a fun hodgepodge, and sometimes that's enough. See it and let the weirdness wash over you. The plot holes and general quirkiness might frustrate some viewers who expected a little depth, but if you want a fun light show with some brilliant comedy to fill in the gaps, you won't be disappointed.
Review: Guardians of the Galaxy
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The Levels Of The Friendzone

3rd December 2014

Level: 1

Level: 2

Level: 3

Level: 4

Level: 5

Level: 6

Level: 7

Level: 8

Level: 9

Level: 10

Level: 99

Level: 108

Level: 850

Level: Humanoid-Taxi

Level: Bridge

The Levels Of The Friendzone
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Highest Grossing Movie Franchises

1st December 2014
Highest Grossing Movie Franchises
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