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Red Epic Water Showreel 2014

26th November 2014
Over the past couple of years Talon Clemow, founder of One Palm Media & creator of 'THUNDERCLOUD - The Cloudbreak Documentary' has been using the Red Epic Digital Cinema Camera to shoot surfing action around the globe. The results are stunning; with beautifully captured slomo images of some of the world's best surfers in great waves.

This clip is a collection some of Talon's finest images edited to the fresh and blissful ALT-J - Hunger Of The Pine.

Captured on the Red Epic-M #01537 inside a custom Dave Kelly water housing ( Using Zeiss cinema glass & the Kinoptik 'Rectal Linear' wide angle lens.

Talon uses surf fins in the water.

Surfers featured:
Josh Kerr @ The Box, WA Australia
Dion Agius @ South Coast, NSW Australia
Julian Wilson @ Noosa, QLD Australia
Creed McTaggart @ Byron Bay, NSW Australia
Mitch Coleborn @ South Coast, NSW Australia
Yadin Nicol @ Cobblestones, SUMBAWA Indonesia
Sheldon Simkus, @ Secret Spots, QLD / NSW Australia
Parker Coffin (Cover Image) @ Lakey Peak, SUMBAWA Indonesia
Craig Anderson @ Secret Spot, Samoa
Joel Parkinson @ Snapper Rocks, QLD Australia
Julian Wilson @ Ti-Tree Bay, QLD Australia
Creed McTaggart @ Ballina, NSW Australia
Julian Wilson @ Granite Bay, QLD Australia
Dion Agius @ South Coast, NSW Australia
Taj Burrow & Mark Mathews @ The Right, WA Australia
Dane Reynolds @ Secret Spot, Samoa
Conner Coffin @ Periscopes, SUMBAWA Indonesia

For bookings contact:
Red Epic Water Showreel 2014
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Ken Block's Gymkhana

25th November 2014
With the release of Ken Block's seventh Gymkhana we decided to put all the Gymkhana's in one place for you so you can binge-watch them. Enjoy!.

Gymkhana 1

Gymkhana 2

Gymkhana 3

Gymkhana 4

Gymkhana 5

Gymkhana 6

Gymkhana 7

Ken Block's Gymkhana
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Cemoné Andrea

The Cemoné Andrea cover issue!

24th November 2014
Here's the Cemoné Andrea cover issue!

And here's the preview: Cemoné Andrea

Look out for X-Mas special coming soon!
The Cemoné Andrea cover issue!
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The Essential Box Set Marathon Guide

21st November 2014
The Essential Box Set Marathon Guide

Christmas is just around the corner, which means you'll be up to your neck in oversized DVD sets come Boxing Day - so a good old-fashioned TV marathon is imminent. To get you fully prepped, here's a handy guide to what's in store when you get stuck in to some of the greatest box sets around.

True Detective

The Story: Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson try to find a killer via the revolutionary policing method of flashbacks.

Duration: 8 hours - relatively short by box set marathon standards.

Provisional Supplies: Beer, which you'll want each time Woody and McConaughey crack one open (approximately every three seconds). Plus a little knife to whittle the empties into little origami-style shapes while you watch.

Highlights: Somewhere around the second hour, actress Alexandra Daddario will strip to reveal arguably the most perfect body of all time.

Lowlights: McConaughey's ponytail and goatee combo, which, to be honest, is a disgrace.

Aftereffects: Desperate googling of Alexandra Daddario.

True Detective Season One is available on Blu-ray & DVD now

The Sopranos

The Story: Mob boss Tony Soprano gets so much agro at home he ends up seeing a psychiatrist.

Duration: 86 hours

Provisional Supplies: Pasta, meatballs etc - just to get in the spirit of things. And a shooter for the back pocket.

Highlights: Forget about it... there's not a bad minute in the whole series.

Lowlights: 86 hours is a long time.

Aftereffects: After nearly four whole days, you'll probably find yourself saying "Salut" before every drink, getting paranoid your house is bugged, and start planning ways to "clip" your mates in case they flip over on you.

The Sopranos Complete Seasons 1-6 is available on Blu-ray now

Game Of Thrones

The Story: Swearing, shagging, and medieval-style punch-ups.

Duration: 40 hours and counting.

Provisional Supplies: A flagon of ale, one of those roasted pigs with an apple in its mouth, and a few peasants to behead when it all gets a bit too exciting.

Highlights: Everyone loves a good wedding. Except the Starks, obvs.

Lowlights: Alfie Allen's todger.

Aftereffects: A general irritation that after committing all that time it, you've got to wait bloody ages for Season 5 to come on the telly.

Game Of Thrones Seasons 1-3 is available on Blu-ray & DVD now

Boardwalk Empire

The Story: An Atlantic City politician pretends not to be as crooked as the day is long.

Duration: 60 hours

Provisional Supplies: Some prohibition-era liquor and a fancy suit to sit around in.

Highlights: Britain's very own Stephen Graham as Al Capone.

Lowlights: It's slow to get started, but once you're hooked, you won't be leaving that sofa for three days.

Aftereffects: Anticipation for the next and final season on DVD - another of HBO's phenomenal swansongs.

Boardwalk Empire Seasons 1-4 is available on Blu-ray & DVD now
The Essential Box Set Marathon Guide
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13 Christmas Crackers Yule Never Believe

19th November 2014
13 Christmas Crackers Yule Never Believe
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The Hunger Games By The Numbers

18th November 2014
The Hunger Games By The Numbers
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Five Cocktails Every Man Should Make

13th November 2014
Come on lads, it's time you added some classic cocktails to your repertoire. If you're completely clueless behind the bar, here are recipes for a selection of absolute essentials. It's time to crack out those little pink umbrellas...

Old Fashioned

It sounds like a euphemism for a crafty tug, but it's classier than that. In fact, it's the favourite tipple of Mad Men's Don Draper, which should tell you all you need to know about its credentials as a true gentleman's favourite (which also sounds like a euphemism for a crafty tug). It's simple to make: * Place a sugar cube and piece of orange peel in a glass

* Add two or three dashes of bitters and a quick splash of club soda

* Crush the sugar with your stirrera

* Rotate the glass so that the sugar grains and bitters give it a lining

* Add a large ice cube

* Pour in as much whiskey/rye/bourbon as you like

White Russian

If it's good enough for the Dude in The Big Lebowski, it's good enough for us. It's creamy and filling, and will give you one of those milk moustaches, but the White Russian's about as iconic and tasty a drink as you'll ever make. And it's a piece of piss to make. All you need is:

* 40ml of vodka

* 20ml of Kahlua

* 20ml of heavy cream/full fat milk

* Shake it well with cracked ice

* Then pour into a distinguished-looking glass


Here's one that's a bit of challenge. Not to make, but to drink, because according to legend, it'll take 20 goes to appreciate it. Which is another way of saying it tastes bloody horrible until your body gives in and puts up with it. If you remember, that's exactly what it was like with beer when you were about 13, no matter how much you tried to convince your mates you loved it. Here's the recipe:

* 28mls of gin

* 28mls of Campari

* 28mls of sweet vermouth

* Stir the ingredients in a glass with ice

* Strain into a new glass over fresh ice

* Chuck a slice of orange in to make it look fancy


Just because it sounds like something you'd imagine a mentally deranged pensioner to be riding in Last Of The Summer Wine, don't count this tipple out. It's a zesty little number that dates all the way back to the end of the First World War. Here's what you need:

* 20mls of Cointreau

* 20mls of lemon juice

* 40mls cognac

* Shake over cracked ice

* Get yourself a chilled cocktail glass, rub the rim with lemon juice then dip in sugar

* Strain the mixture into glass

Jaeger Bomb

There are two kinds of drinking: drinking for leisure and drinking for pure destruction. The Jaeger Bomb (or indeed any drink that contains the word 'bomb') falls very much into the latter category. But contrary to popular belief, getting it right is a very technical process. You'll need to follow these steps to the absolute letter:

* Get some Red Bull

* Chuck a shot of Jaeger in

* Drink the bastard in one

* Prepare to let loose your subconscious as you black out for three hours

Five Cocktails Every Man Should Make
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Eight Things Every Man Should Do This Winter

10th November 2014
Yes, winter is here once again. Don't let the abject misery of the cold and early nights get you down though. Instead, see it is as a challenge. To help you along we've put together a list of eight things every man should do this winter, to prove that in the age of convenience and creature comforts, there's still a bit of the hunter-gatherer spirit in this generation of men. Testosterone at the ready, chaps...

Chop Wood

The manliest thing of all time. Be warned: it's fucking hard work and will probably show you up to be a massive wimp. It might be better to just wear a lumberjack shirt and carry an axe over your shoulder to make people think you can chop wood without putting in any effort.

Train in The Snow

You've all seen Rocky IV, right? Then you know that the only kind of training that matters is the kind done on the tops of mountains and in the forests, balls-deep in a shit-load of snow. With a beard as well - if you're going to do it, do it properly.

Drink Brandy

Drinking to the warm the cockles is a slippery slope. A nip of rum to keep out the cold suggests you're a dignified old naval sort, while a can of Wicked Strength Lager suggests a man unconscious on a park bench, pissing himself. Do yourself a favour and get a brandy in - the modern gent's classy tipple.

Learn To Roast

Everyone knows that modern men have to cook. And as the roast is the only meal that will properly satisfy during the winter months, you best get up to speed. That doesn't mean just bunging a lemon up a chicken's arse and whacking it in the oven for an hour. It'll need seasoning as well.

Wrestle Wolves

Admittedly, not something that happens as much as it used to, but it's a good skill and the ladies love it. If you can't find any wolves to start a ruckus with, try some dogs down the local park. And if they won't come after you, a string of sausages usually does the trick.

Wrap Presents Properly

Christmas might seem ages away, but you should get some wrapping practice in now, because let's face it, like every other man in the history of existence, you're completely shit at it. Don't feel bad, it's genetic. Unfortunately, it's not a good enough excuse to get out of buying presents, which you're also shit at.

Make A Sled

There's nothing quite like impressing some kids with your own makeshift sled. Don't worry about making it look attractive either - speed's the name of this game. Do be responsible though. Drink driving is still drink driving, even if you're technically only in control of a stolen upturned dustbin lid.

Start A Fire

By which we mean, in a fireplace, not torching some poor bugger's shed from down the road. It's an essential skill and the first step to catching and killing your own food - which is the old fashioned version of getting a Sainsbury's delivery. Ahhh, it's good to be a proper man.
Eight Things Every Man Should Do This Winter
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Miss Reef 2015

6th November 2014
Follow Miss Reef around the storied tip of the Baja Peninsula - where the rolling Sea of Cortez, Mexico's famed deserts, and the sparkling expanse of the Pacific Ocean all converge into a stunning back-drop as exotic as Miss Reef herself.

The 2015 Miss Reef Calendar is now available now at:

Tones on Tail
"Go! (Club Mix)"



Miss Reef 2015
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Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past

5th November 2014
Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past
By John Keefe

After an eight-year absence, the old "X-Men" cast reunites with their younger counterparts on the screen. This alone could be enough to recommend "X-Men: Days of Future Past", which lends its veteran actors plenty of gravitas while its younger faces do most of the running and jumping. The resulting film is a sporadic affair but overall immensely enjoyable, even if newcomers to the series may find themselves lost.

The plot kicks off in the near future, where superpowered mutants and human dissenters have been hunted to near extinction by highly advanced androids call "sentinels." Only the core X-Men team remain alive in hiding, where old foes Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and Magneto (Ian McKellen) have joined forces in a desperate bid to send Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) back in time. It's his job to prevent the assassination of Bolivar Trask, an anti-mutant martyr played aptly by Peter Dinklage. He encounters various "X-Men: First Class" actors along the way, each of whom has grown into their roles with fantastic dexterity. The interplay between James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender as the younger Xavier and Magneto is fantastic, standing up admirably to the scenes with their veteran counterparts. And the always stunning Jennifer Lawrence turns in a scene-stealing performance as the duplicitous Mystique.

Having said all that, the movie does have difficulty explaining itself at times. The "X-Men" films have always been a bit overstuffed and this entry is the most actor-heavy of them all. Nearly every famous face from previous entries gets at least a cameo, which can easily feel overwhelming to newcomers. The film's script is loaded with emotional scenes always skillfully played but the actual rules of time travel are never adequately described. Minutes pass in the future storyline whereas Wolverine seems able to saunter about in the past for days with little urgency. It feels a bit like "Inception" at times, especially when you're more focused on trying to keep plots straight rather than letting the film work its magic.

But really, the script does so much right it's easy to forgive a few quibbles. For all its sillier indulgences, "Days of Future Past" is an extremely emotional and effective film. Bryan Singer earned ire from the comic book crowd with his saccharine "Superman Returns" back in 2006 and it looks like this could be the movie that wipes that disappointment from our memories forever. He moves skillfully between the various plot threads and action scenes, giving equal weight to each laser blast and tearful monologue. There are a few revelations towards the film's final minutes, best left unspoiled, that are certain to make fans both new and old excited about the series' future prospects. Suffice to say the film wisely corrects a few miscalculations from "X-Men: The Last Stand", giving the series the shot of energy it will need to compete in the deluge of comic book adaptations coming in the next few years.

The film isn't without its strange decisions, however. Peter Dinklage is in fine form as the mad scientist Bolivar Trask, giving fans of his praised-to-high-heaven "Game of Thrones" work some hope that we'll see more of him on the big screen. It's just strange seeing the diminutive actor wax on about the evils of genetically abnormal people, and his silly mustache is a bit hard to ignore. Also, comic fans will be disappointed to see fan-favorite Kitty Pryde, the main protagonist in the original comic storyline and who is played by the spectacular Ellen Page, is tragically underutilized in this film. It is from her that the time travel power originates, and her comic version is among the strongest of female characters, yet here she's been dumped to the sidelines in favor of more Wolverine. Jackman is always a joy as the grizzled claw-wielding mutant; it's just a shame that the film was so unwilling to deviate from the usual Wolverine-centric formula. After all, almost every other "X-Men" film has had a heaping dose of Wolverine at the center. Maybe it's time to give someone else a few minutes in the spotlight.

Whatever the case, "X-Men: Days of Future Past" is an undeniably fun experience. These movies have always been about assembling a new combination of mutants and watching them love and fight and betray each other, and there's certainly plenty of that on display. It might provoke a few quiet chuckles and furrowed brows here and there but on the whole this is a fine example of blockbuster filmmaking. If future "X-Men" offerings can live up to this standard, audiences will have plenty to enjoy for years to come.
Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past
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