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Sabine Jemeljanova: Photo Shoot & Interview
The Gent Connoisseur Introduces You To: Foot Cardigan
London Surf / Film Festival
Geena Mullins: Photo Shoot & Interview
Sabine Jemeljanova: Photo Shoot & Interview

Sabine Jemeljanova: Photo Shoot & Interview

18th April 2014
[Taken from the Zip magazine print edition]

Horse meat, Jim Carrey and wearing socks to bed -
Sabine Jemeljanova is into some freaky shit!

Read Sabine's Interview below.

Sabine Jemeljanova: Photo Shoot & Interview

Sabine Jemeljanova: Photo Shoot & Interview

Sabine Jemeljanova: Photo Shoot & Interview

Sabine Jemeljanova: Photo Shoot & Interview

See the full shoot in the Zip Magazine - Anniversary Collector's Edition:
Sabine Jemeljanova: Photo Shoot & Interview
Zip Magazine - Special Print Edition

Zip Magazine - 200 Page Special Edition!

12th April 2014
Zip magazine's 200 page Special Edition is out now!

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Zip Magazine - 200 Page Special Edition!
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A Newquay Surf Trip

10th April 2014
Here's an awesome short film of a three day surf trip in Newquay.

Organised by the University of Brighton Surf Club!

Many thanks to Adam from Brighton Watersports for sponsoring the surf trip.

UBSC's Sponsors:
- Brighton Watersports "Live life beyond the shoreline"
- Ocean Sports BoardRiders
- IceCreamSurf
- O'neill
- Redbull
- Adam's Surfboards

Music by Jack Johnson "At or with me"
Shot with Gopro and Canon 6D
A Newquay Surf Trip
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Is She Faking It?

Is She Faking It?

9th April 2014
C'mon now.. You've wondered it at least once. Shrugged it off.. Googled it...
Here is Zip's guide on how to spot a fake, and how to get the real deal:

She's shy

Because: You feel like you're always the instigator. It's not that she isn't responsive when you make a move - once you get going, she seems to enjoy it. But she is quiet and hard to read. If it really rocked her, wouldn't she be more enthusiastic?

Try: Letting her drive. She's likely just a little self-conscious. Try a position that puts her more in charge. She knows what pushes her buttons, so take note of how she moves when she has control. This will give you insight into what works for her.

She may be the driver, but how you thrust can make or break it. Try moving in circles rather than up and down. This will keep as much of the base of the D' in contact with her as possible. Short and shallow thrusts, rather than deep and fast, can induce a more intense orgasm.

She prefers oral

Because: She definitely enjoys you going down on her, but her enthusiasm seems to wane when it comes to the main event. You're pretty sure she orgasms during oral, but you'd like her to enjoy sex as much as you do.

Try: Spooning her. A position that focuses on her G-spot may be best, especially if you have just stimulated the clitoris through oral sex. The clitoris is sensitive and prolonged pressure on it can be uncomfortable.

In this case, a classic spooning position could be best. Check out the We-Book of Delights for tips on this and other positions. She: lies on her side and tilts her pelvis to find the ideal position for G-spot stimulation. He: snuggles up behind and enters her in the spooning position. Together: kiss cheeks, neck or arms and move in sync.

She's inconsistent

Because: Most of the time, you're certain she has - in fact, she definitely has! But on other occasions, she's just not as into it. She responds far better when there is plenty of time to warm up, and you're usually happy to oblige. However, when you're pushed for time or having a quickie before work, she seems to be faking it...

Try: A toy. Many women find it harder to orgasm under pressure, or in a rush. Spicing things up with a sex toy is not only fun, but also a great way to increase intensity and reach climax that much faster. 'We-Vibe 4' is a couples' massager that enhances sex for both of you simultaneously. She wears it during sex for extra stimulation to her clitoris and G-spot, and you fit in underneath to share the vibe. The heightened sensation is a guaranteed way to please you both and facilitate a great finale, even under time pressure.

She's overcompensating?

Because: You can't fault her enthusiasm, and you've never encountered anyone willing to shout about it (literally) in the way she does. At first you thought you were 'the man'! But now you're wondering, really? Could there be some over-compensating going on here..?

Try: Watching for the physical signs of orgasm. Some women love making noise, and it is possible she is one of them! Ask yourself if this fits with her personality - it could very likely be real. But keep an eye out as well for the physical signs of orgasm aside from noise. The main ones are increased breathing and heart rate, accompanied by dilated pupils. Her lips should flush, as they swell and redden upon arousal. Vaginal muscle spasms are a big indicator, because she cannot fake or hide this. They will grip your penis, and the tightening feeling you experience will be impossible to miss.

P.S. We-Vibe provide sexual wellness products. Check them out:

Is She Faking It?
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Job at Zip magazine: A badarse bloke to take part in badarse challenges each week

Job at Zip magazine: A badarse bloke to take part in badarse challenges each week

8th April 2014
Spread the word.. Zip magazine is looking for one guy in London that is willing to participate in some Very Bad Ideas! (See examples at:

Job Requirements:

You're a real tough cookie. Not afraid of anyone or anything. Chewing on chilli peppers and swallowing table spoons of ground cinnamon is nothing compared to what you are willing to do!

Your stomach is lined with rock, balls made from steel and your heart is that of a thousand Lions. You are all the members of Jackass and Dirty Sanchez in one package with big fat bow on the top.

This is your destiny. You was chosen from birth for this role. You will become a hero to all Zip readers.

P.S. Preferably your name is Brian. If not, don't worry as soon enough.. you will be re-named BADARSE BRIAN!!!

This is what we imagine you look like:


Bonus Requirements: Our in-house band, Death Worm (working title) also needs a bass player. Not essential though Brian.

Now send us your resume to

- Do you know someone suitable for this role..? Let them know you beautiful cupcake!
Job at Zip magazine: A badarse bloke to take part in badarse challenges each week
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Laurie Williams: Photo Shoot & Interview

Laurie Williams: Photo Shoot & Interview

7th April 2014
[From the Zip magazine print edition 2014]

Zip meets Laurie Williams!
"I'm Laurie, I'm 22 years old and I am a Welsh Lass!"

Read Laurie's Interview below.

Laurie Williams: Photo Shoot & Interview

Laurie Williams: Photo Shoot & Interview

Laurie Williams: Photo Shoot & Interview

Laurie Williams: Photo Shoot & Interview

See more Zip shoots in the up-coming Zip Magazine - Anniversary Collector's Edition.
Laurie Williams: Photo Shoot & Interview
The Gent Connoisseur Introduces You To: Foot Cardigan

The Gent Connoisseur Introduces You To: Foot Cardigan

7th April 2014
Good fine morning fellow Zip readers.

The Gent Connoisseur here, Zip magazine's cognoscente of all things well to good.

I have an interesting story that I'd like to share involving five smart chaps that provide a rather unique apparel service for our feet. Yes that's right, our feet!

It all start's like this...

A copywriter, a web developer, a surgical equipment salesman, a Public Administration PhD, and a former music industry hack all walk into a bar...

Then the music industry guy decides to quit his job and travel around Europe for three months. But he forgets to bring enough socks so he buys a 10-pack of really weird socks. He loves wearing them and all the Europeans keep complimenting him on how cool his socks are (he's pretty sure that's what they were saying?).

When he comes back home, he looks down at his gloriously be-socked feet and has the best idea of his whole damn life. So he calls up the copywriter guy, the surgical equipment salesman guy, and the PhD guy and asks them all if they want to start a crazy sock subscription company with him.

"You mean like a crazy company that sells sock subscriptions or just a regular company that sells subscriptions to crazy socks?" they all ask in perfect unison.


"We're in."

So they start Foot Cardigan and their wives are very supportive and encouraging. At first, the copywriter guy tries to design and build the websites and whatnot himself, but he doesn't know how, so he asks his web developer friend to help out and that friend literally just thinks about the website and it bursts forth into Internet existence. So they made him a partner.

But that all happened way back in the spring and summer of 2012. These days, the Foot Cardigan Five (they hate it when you call them that) spend most of their time lounging on giant piles of socks and driving around in their sock-shaped monster trucks.

Now being somewhat of a sock connoisseur and a gent myself, I feel that I am obliged to give you my wholehearted opinion on the matter and if I didn't, well quite frankly I'd be failing you all miserably and so here's my say.

Foot Cardigan is one of the best ideas I've seen online in a long while and you know what.. these socks look absolutely fantastic. Sign me up and let me join this fancy foot apparel of a gentlemen's club immediately! If you would like join me, take a gander at

Now consider yourself educated with a tip for your toes as you have indeed been liberated by the The Gent Connoisseur.

Good day to all,

The Gent [of Zip Magazine]
The Gent Connoisseur Introduces You To: Foot Cardigan
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Best April Fools Day Tech Pranks

Best April Fools Day Tech Pranks

2nd April 2014
Within the tech industry it has been something of a tradition to put out daft product announcements for April Fools day.
And here's a few of this year's best gags from around the Internets.

Google's Pokemon Challenge
The Google Maps' team tugged at the heart strings of every geek around the world by debuting a teaser for a video game they'll never actually release: a live-action, augmented reality Pokemon game.

Nest For Flights
Richard Branson introduces personal climate control for every passenger on his planes, brought to you by Nest.
This would be much better than that strange grey nipple thing, blowing out tepid air, smelling like fart!

Sphero's Selfie-Bot:
This is our favourite! I can't help feeling a bit sad for the little feller at the end though.

Best April Fools Day Tech Pranks
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Pissing People Off

31st March 2014
Everyone is up for sex if you are this guy LOL Happy monday every one!
Pissing People Off
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"Perspective" another cool video by Red Bull Media House!

19th March 2014
Here's another cool video by Red Bull Media House!

Music (in order of appearance)
"Excellent" (Instrumental) -- Propaganda
Humble Beast Records
"Un Momento" -- T-Mos
"Vive Le Roi" -- Five Knives
"Sleepless" -- Flume Future Classic
"Vice Versa" -- Alert 312
"Knights of Shame" -- AWOLNATION
"Kill The Elephants" (Instrumental) -- Alert 312
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