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18th July 2014
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Zip TV - Surfing Magazine's Swimsuit Girls
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16th July 2014
Summer is here once again, which can mean only one thing - inadequate men all across Britain are quaking in their sandals. Forget drinking prowess, lifting heavy things, or being able to bring women to multiple orgasms with just your little finger - the real test of masculinity is the BBQ. So, if you're one of those blokes who are absolutely clueless when it comes to a good BBQ, here's a foolproof guide to blagging it like an absolute boss.


Buy some good quality burgers then stack them on a plate. Then toss some oil and flour tossed around the place to make it look like you made them yourself from mincemeat. You can also thinly spread some Heinz BBQ sauce over the chicken. It'll look like a posh marinade and no one will be able to tell the difference.


Rather than admit you don't know how light the BBQ, begin rustling the charcoal bag and ask a guest (by which we mean an actual, proper man) to borrow his lighter. When he comes over, pretend you've left something in the kitchen and chances are he'll light the bugger for you.


Knowing when the BBQ's hot enough to cook or when the meat's done is tricky. Get it wrong and your guests will be puking and shitting themselves all weekend with food poisoning. So take advantage of the social atmosphere and keep one of your man-friends talking near the BBQ. His natural bloke instincts will take over and he'll do the lot for you without even realizing.


To maintain the illusion that you're actually cooking, wear an apron and hold a spatula (or similar cooking instrument) for effect. Poke the burgers occasionally and say something like, "I'm not sure they're quite done yet," and wait to see if the proper bloke you've conned into cooking agrees or disagrees. No one will suspect you don't have a bloody clue what you're talking about.


There a fewer sights more manly than a bloke stuffing his face with barbequed meat, so you can subliminally make everyone think you were the real master of the BBQ by scoffing as many burgers and hotdogs as possible - a simple but effective psychological trick. Plus, you probably paid for most of it. And even if you didn't, it's your gaff.


A true BBQ chef can drink loads and still work magic on the grill. And since you're not the one actually doing the cooking, get as pissed as you want and don't worry about it - they'll all think you're doing a marvelous job of being a man. Just don't fall face first into the sausages and give the game away.


No real bloke cleans up after a BBQ. He cleverly guilt trips his guests into doing it as thanks for all the excellent cooking (or in this case, genius blagging). If you're lucky they'll leave their unopened booze in your fridge, which you can drink while scoffing the leftover chicken legs after everyone's buggered off home. You've earned it after all - it's bloody hard work being a man.
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Amy Green

Zip Cover Girl: Amy Green

13th July 2014
We did promise you more of the lovely Amy Green and so here we are! Enjoy :p

Amy Green

Amy Green

Amy Green

Amy Green
Zip Cover Girl: Amy Green
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Five Memorable World Cup Final Matches

Five Memorable World Cup Finals

10th July 2014
We're fast approaching the 2014 World Cup final - hopefully, it will prove a match worthy of a blistering tournament packed with shock, surprises, and a seven-goal destruction.

To get us in the mood, here's a rundown of some of the most memorable World Cup final matches to ever kick-off.

West Germany 3 Hungary 2

1954 - Bern, Switzerland

The Story: The Germans returned to international football for the first time since the war and the Hungarians were a dead cert to win.

The Controversy: Hungary was undefeated in 32 games, had won Olympic gold and even beaten W. Germany 8-3 in the groups. But Ze Germans beat them in a final dubbed 'the miracle of Bern'.

Star Player: German coach Josef Herberger, who held back some of his strongest players in the group game, meaning the Hungarians woefully underestimated them in the final.

England 4 West Germany 2

1966 - London, England

The Story: You know this one. Our fellow countrymen haven't stopped going on about it ever since. It's simple - we won, they didn't. End of.

The Controversy: With two world wars behind them, there was no love lost between the two countries. International relations were further strained when a third (admittedly very dodgy) England goal was allowed after the ball bounced on the line.

Star Player: Our man Geoff Hurst, who scored the World Cup's only hat trick.

Argentina 3 West Germany 2

1986 - Mexico City, Mexico

The Story: The 1986 tournament Argentina's second (and so far last) World Cup win.

The Controversy: The match itself was a straight-up kick-about that Argentina won fair and square. How they got there was less fair, after defeating England in the quarterfinals with Diego Maradona's infamous 'Hand Of God' goal (although he also scored the equally famous 'Goal Of The Century' in that game, so he can't be all bad).

Star Player: Do you even need to ask? Maradona didn't score in the final, but he did captain the cheeky Argies.

France 3 Brazil 0

1998 - Saint-Denis, France

The Story: Ronaldo (the ugly version) was the world's most famous footballer. Before the match he had a seizure, was then dropped from the starting line-up, then put back in, then sleepwalked the entire game.

The Controversy: Was their foul play in making Ronaldo? Did sponsors Nike force Brazil into it? Or did he just have an absolute arse of a game?

Star Player: Zinedine Zidane stole Ronaldo's thunder, scoring two and earning hosts France their first ever World Cup trophy.

Italy 1 France 1 (Italy 5 France 3 on penalties)

2006 - Berlin, Germany

The Story: It was Zidane's final ever game as an active footballer. At least he went out with a bang.

The Controversy: With the game into extra time, Zidane headbutted Italian rival Marco Materazzi in the chest, making Zidane the only player to be sent off in two consecutive World Cup final tournaments.

Star Player: Materazzi, for goading Zidane with trash talk about his mum and then making a right song and dance when Zidane lashed out.

Five Memorable World Cup Finals
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How Not To Dump Your Girlfriend

How Not To Dump Your Girlfriend

9th July 2014
How's a good way to dump your girlfriend? Nobody really knows. What we do, however, is what a bad way to dump your girlfriend is (speaking from unfortunate experience). So if you're looking to drop the bomb on her any time soon, here's a quick guide on how not to dump her.

By Text

Finishing with your missus over the phone is bad enough (although a tempting alternative if you want to avoid the inevitable crying/slap to the face), but dumping by text is gutless. And putting a smiley face at the end of the message is just taking the piss.

Via Social Media

Think of your soon-to-be ex-girlfriend's feeling before plastering the news that you're dumping her across Facebook and Twitter, especially if you use hashtags like #highmaintenance #crapinbed - besides, two can play at that game, especially if she's got pictures of your little chap looking a bit "cold".

In The Company Of Her Friends

It might seem like the best time to do it - while she has people around to support her - but all you'll get is a gang of women shaking their heads at you, mouthing the word "bastard", and looking like they want to genuinely kill you.

Over Dinner

So take her to dinner for a big surprise for her. She's dolled herself up, naively expecting you to pop the question, only to discover that question is "Can you return my CDs and promise to never call me again?" You deserve a salad fork in eye. Or worse.

During Sex

If you fancy squeezing one last hot and heavy bedroom session out the doomed relationship, do wait until you've finished to break the bad news. It's a potentially dangerous situation. A man's never more vulnerable than when he's in a state of "tackle out".

When She's Driving

Your life is in her hands - and even if she doesn't lose control of the wheel and smash into the nearest wall, there's no escape until she decides to pull over. Which will be, at best, a bit awkward, or at worst, the most excruciatingly uncomfortable moment of your life.

While Running Away

Come on, son, it's time for you to man-up. Don't leg it in the other direction while shouting "It's not you, it's me!" as loud as you can - unless she's the kind to tear your eyes out, of course. In which case, get your running shoes on.

By Getting Her Mate To Do It

We're all adults now. We're not in the playground anymore. Asking her mate to pass on the message is just bad form. Especially if you're in bed with her mate at the time, which is creating more problems than it's solving to be honest.

At The Alter

The bride's ready to walk down the aisle, the rings are ready to go, and the buffet's been unwrapped. If you wanted to ditch her, you should have done it long before it got this stage. It's murder getting refunds from these mobile discos, y' know.
How Not To Dump Your Girlfriend
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Zip TV Presents: Leds by Pukas

8th July 2014
Tiago Pires and Joan Duru surf during the night with LEDs shot by

Rather cool! See more at
Zip TV Presents: Leds by Pukas
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The iPhone 6

7th July 2014
The guys at Techradar have been busy putting together a concept of they think the new iPhone 6 will be like.

Techradar are a good source to trust for this sort of thing with a fairly accurate history of iPhone predictions.

The designs have been put together from a combination of researched knowledge of material purchase orders made by Apple and leaked technology information.
The iPhone 6
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Brits & Brew On Social

4th July 2014
Brits & Brew On Social
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How To Survive A Music Festival

Zip's Guide On How To Survive A Music Festival

3rd July 2014
So, we've been to Glastonbury, lived to tell the tale, and now we're gearing up for a whole season of festivals. If Glastonbury taught us anything, it's that the music festival can be as challenging as it is riotous fun. For anyone attending one for the very first this summer, here are five helpful tips we've picked up that will help you survive even the toughest of weekends.

Travel Light

One of the hardest parts of any festival is lugging all your stuff there in the first place (and back again). So do yourself a favour, and just bring the bare essentials. Think you'll eat all that tinned food instead of a quick and easy burger? Think again. Reckon you'll struggle through all that warm booze for the sake of saving a few quid when you can get it cold at the (admittedly extortionately priced) bar. Doubtful. Chances of using all your luxury equipment when you're mashed and out dancing 27/7? Slim. Take our advice, accept the whole weekend's going to cost a bomb and keep your load light.

Get Some Sleep

It's tempting at any festival is to forget about your poor body's welfare and smash the weekend in as hard as possible. That might seem like a good idea for the first day or two, but if you don't plan ahead, you'll be dead on your feet by Saturday evening and left wondering what happened to your personality. It won't do much for your street cred, but getting yourself tucked up in the sleeping bag for a good night's sleep early on is, ironically, the key to keeping the party alive. A man can't survive on beer and poppers alone, you know. (As much as he'd like to)

Don't Waste Away

Here's a problem that many party animals will face - they enjoy getting annihilated in a random field so much that they forget the fact it's actually a music festival and can't even make it to their feet to go and watch anything. Surviving a festival means making the most of it and not letting all the fun get the better of you. If you sit on your arse absolutely smashed out of your brainbox all day, you'll not only regret it, but by Monday morning you'll feel worse than you ever imagined possible. Trust us, we speak from harrowing experience.


A festival can be a true endurance test for the body and soul. And nothing will break your spirit quicker than getting separated from the pack and lost amongst thousands of piss-heads. In the old days, it was big problem, but since mobile phones became part of the festival arsenal, it's easier to stay together (before phones, many a raver could be found wandering aimlessly, desperately searching for his friends - and his mind, quite possibly). So keep that phone charged at all times, lest you want to spend the night dancing alone like a right Billy No Mates.

Rubber Up

If they predict clear skies, take your wellies. If the weatherman says heatwave, pack a raincoat. If someone tells you the earth will crack and molten lava will scorch the campsite, wear your waterproof trousers anyway. Never underestimate how unreliable the British weather can be. And never ever underestimate the absolute misery you'll be living in if you're unprepared for a wet and muddy festival. No amount of wearing plastic bags under your shoes will change that. If it turns out the weather's fine and you've taken your wellies for nothing, you can at least use one of them to drink from like a special festival yard of ale.
Zip's Guide On How To Survive A Music Festival
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Zip TV Presents: The East Coast in All it's Glory

2nd July 2014
And what a tune might we add!

Artist: alt-J (∆)
Song: Breezeblocks
Zip TV Presents: The East Coast in All it's Glory
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