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Psychology Trumps Math at Poker

6th May 2015
Some poker players will read this article and scoff, feeling as though math is much more important than psychology in the game of poker. The truth is that both tools need to be used. If a poker player were only to use math, then they would be the equivalent to a pokerbot - a algorithm used to play against real online poker players. A pokerbot is a perfect example of why math lags psychology in order of importance.

In the online poker realm, a pokerbot can do a lot of damage. It will automatically and instantaneously calculate the odds for every situation, whether pre-flop, on the flop, on the turn, or on the river. The pokerbot will then make the "correct" play accordingly. When pokerbots first arrived on the scene, they would destroy real online poker players, but that changed.

Real online poker players began to figure out the patterns for a pokerbot. The best example is that a pokerbot will bet a marginal hand on the river if its opponent has displayed weakness throughout the hand. Real online poker players learned that if they raised the pokerbot in this situation - whether they held strength or were bluffing - the pokerbot would fold. This is only one example of how to beat a pokerbot. Several other strategies exist, and they're all based on using psychology to trick the pokerbot.

Here's another example for a live poker game. Let's say you're in a poker tournament and there are only four people left. The player to the right of you goes all-in when you're holding pocket nines. Mathematically, the correct play is to call. The odds of someone holding a stronger hand than pocket nines in a four-handed game are slim. However, in this situation, that same player to your right folded pocket jacks to the chip leader only ten minutes earlier. Therefore, you know he's not going to push all-in unless he's holding something stronger than pocket jacks, which means your pocket nines are beat.

If you were a math-only player, you would lose all your chips in this situation and finish in fourth place. That might mean some decent cash, but it's nothing compared to first place, and you would lose the opportunity to tell your friends and family that you won a big poker tournament. By paying attention to your surroundings and opposing player habits, you would avoid finishing fourth and keep yourself in the game.

This doesn't mean math isn't important. It's important for knowing pot odds, implied odds, and knowing the odds for certain situations, such as what your chances are for hitting the flush by the river when you flop four of the same suit. While math is an important tool, it can only take you so far. If you want to take your poker game to the next level, then you need to use psychology in order to figure out what your opponent is doing. This is especially important when attempting to figure out if his story throughout the hand makes sense: Is he telling the truth, or is he bluffing?

It's recommended that you learn the basic odds for poker and then focus primarily on psychology. It's often said that the key to success in poker is figuring out your opponents' hole cards. If that's the case, then you're going to need to use psychology, not math.
Psychology Trumps Math at Poker
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iOS VS Android

5th May 2015
The average consumer gets a new phone once every two years. Lately, that statistic is changing dramatically due to the fact that phones are starting to come out more often than ever. Because of this, keeping the same phone for two years means it is very outdated, and people are getting newer phones faster. Making the choice between getting an Android or an iPhone is a tough decision, but based on your needs, the choice can be much easier.

To start off, Apple and Android have much different viewpoints on their operating systems and how the users should use them. This may make your decision here alone. Apple is notorious for shutting out their users from their operating system, iOS, so to speak. This means that they do not allow much tinkering around with the technical aspects of the software. You cannot access file storage through the phone, you cannot change your software, etc. Apple is just hoping to have users see that they don't need to do any of that and their iPhones and software "just work". Android is the opposite in this aspect. Android is based off of an open sourced software, meaning anybody can have access to all of the drivers and files that make up Android's software. This allows for massive customization and tweaks for developers. Android allows access to file storage, unlocking bootloaders, and more freedom for development.

If you are the type of person that likes to change every aspect of their phone to make it better in their eyes, Android is most likely better for you. If you like your phone to have a few solid options but everything works great and is unified, then Apple is probably your choice.

Since Android is more open to development, they allow many more apps to pass through into the Google Play Store. This sounds great, but it can cause a lot of problems. There are thousands of apps that were made years ago on much older Android versions. Often times, the app developers stopped updating that app, but because it's so old and got much more time to get good ratings, it always shows up under the "Top Apps" section. This allows many of the top apps that people download to be very outdated and with an unfriendly user interface, even when there are many other better apps out.

On the Apple App Store, they have strict guidelines for developers to follow before an app can be released. This is a huge benefit that iPhones have over Androids. All iPhone apps look unified because they have similar user interfaces. It gives iPhones more of a polished feel on a daily basis.

Another big difference between the two companies is their actual phones. Android software runs on thousands of different phones. This means that if you don't like the first Android phone you pick up, you have a massive amount of different choices. With Apple, you have one choice: the iPhone. Granted, there are different versions, but they are all iPhones. They do have a very premium feel and build quality, and iPhones are very stable and easy to use phones. The best way to tell which one you prefer to use is to actually use one. Go to a store and test some out or find a friend and ask to try their phone. Not one phone is best for everyone.

In the end, the choice is yours. Picking between the two is hard but you'll be happy either way. They are both great now and just getting better with every update.
iOS VS Android
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30th April 2015
Extreme sports are dangerous, some more than others, and wingsuit flying just may be the most dangerous and damn right craziest of them all.

Wingsuit flying is like BASE jumping but with a winged jumpsuit that enables a person to glide through the air like a plane.

First developed in the late 1990s, wingsuits have fabric between the legs and arms that act like wings.

The wingsuiter can fly from any point that provides sufficient enough altitude and space and flyers usually deploy a parachute for a safe landing.

Not crazy enough for you..? Not to worry, there is also a technique called Proximity Flying, which consists of flying closley to the rocky faces and ridges of mountains!

Wingsuits are sometimes referred to as a Birdman Suit, Flying Squirrel Suit or even a Bat Suit.


On 28 May 2011, Japanese wingsuit pilot Shin Ito set world records for the fastest speed reached in a wingsuit of 363 km/h (226 mph).

Longest Time & Highest:
On the 20th and 21st of April 2012, Colombian skydiver Jhonathan Florez set Guinness World Records in wingsuit flying. The jumps took place in La Guajira in Colombia.
His records were..
The longest (duration) wingsuit flight: 9 minutes 6 seconds.
The highest altitude wingsuit jump: 11,358 m (37,265 ft).

Unfortunately it is said that between 1981 and the end of 2013, there have been approximately 223 Wingsuit Flying fatalities.

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Schorem - The Scumbag Barbers Of Rotterdam

30th April 2015
We've found the most badarse Barber shop in the whole world and it's in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Meet the Scumbag Barbers Of Rotterdam. Their shop is called Schorem which literally translates into 'Scumbag' LOL.

In this cool video, Wahl Professional teams up with the Schorem Barbers for a look inside their daily lives and their original cuts (using Wahl Clippers and Trimmers of course!).
Schorem - The Scumbag Barbers Of Rotterdam
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How Not To Dump Your Girlfriend

How Not To Dump Your Girlfriend

27th April 2015
How's a good way to dump your girlfriend? Nobody really knows. What we do, however, is what a bad way to dump your girlfriend is (speaking from unfortunate experience). So if you're looking to drop the bomb on her any time soon, here's a quick guide on how not to dump her.

By Text

Finishing with your missus over the phone is bad enough (although a tempting alternative if you want to avoid the inevitable crying/slap to the face), but dumping by text is gutless. And putting a smiley face at the end of the message is just taking the piss.

Via Social Media

Think of your soon-to-be ex-girlfriend's feeling before plastering the news that you're dumping her across Facebook and Twitter, especially if you use hashtags like #highmaintenance #crapinbed - besides, two can play at that game, especially if she's got pictures of your little chap looking a bit "cold".

In The Company Of Her Friends

It might seem like the best time to do it - while she has people around to support her - but all you'll get is a gang of women shaking their heads at you, mouthing the word "bastard", and looking like they want to genuinely kill you.

Over Dinner

So take her to dinner for a big surprise for her. She's dolled herself up, naively expecting you to pop the question, only to discover that question is "Can you return my CDs and promise to never call me again?" You deserve a salad fork in eye. Or worse.

During Sex

If you fancy squeezing one last hot and heavy bedroom session out the doomed relationship, do wait until you've finished to break the bad news. It's a potentially dangerous situation. A man's never more vulnerable than when he's in a state of "tackle out".

When She's Driving

Your life is in her hands - and even if she doesn't lose control of the wheel and smash into the nearest wall, there's no escape until she decides to pull over. Which will be, at best, a bit awkward, or at worst, the most excruciatingly uncomfortable moment of your life.

While Running Away

Come on, son, it's time for you to man-up. Don't leg it in the other direction while shouting "It's not you, it's me!" as loud as you can - unless she's the kind to tear your eyes out, of course. In which case, get your running shoes on.

By Getting Her Mate To Do It

We're all adults now. We're not in the playground anymore. Asking her mate to pass on the message is just bad form. Especially if you're in bed with her mate at the time, which is creating more problems than it's solving to be honest.

At The Alter

The bride's ready to walk down the aisle, the rings are ready to go, and the buffet's been unwrapped. If you wanted to ditch her, you should have done it long before it got this stage. It's murder getting refunds from these mobile discos, y' know.
How Not To Dump Your Girlfriend
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Boardmasters Festival

27th April 2015
Start looking forward to the Summer!

Boardmasters hits Fistral Beach and Watergate Bay 10th August 2015.

Each Summer, Boardmasters brings you the very best beach-side entertainment. Experience a festival weekend, surf in Cornwall, see the pro surf competitions unfold, eat, drink and enjoy a perfect billing of live summer acts, all along the legendary Cornish coastline.

See what happened at Boardmasters 2014 by watching the video above!

Check the website for more details:
Boardmasters Festival
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Zip app for Apple Watch

23rd April 2015
For those of you lucky enough to get your hands on an Apple Watch on launch day tomorrow, Zip have produced an exclusive Apple Watch app!

The new app will be available from midnight tonight.

Zip app for Apple Watch
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22nd April 2015
Summer is here once again, which can mean only one thing - inadequate men all across Britain are quaking in their sandals. Forget drinking prowess, lifting heavy things, or being able to bring women to multiple orgasms with just your little finger - the real test of masculinity is the BBQ. So, if you're one of those blokes who are absolutely clueless when it comes to a good BBQ, here's a foolproof guide to blagging it like an absolute boss.


Buy some good quality burgers then stack them on a plate. Then toss some oil and flour tossed around the place to make it look like you made them yourself from mincemeat. You can also thinly spread some Heinz BBQ sauce over the chicken. It'll look like a posh marinade and no one will be able to tell the difference.


Rather than admit you don't know how light the BBQ, begin rustling the charcoal bag and ask a guest (by which we mean an actual, proper man) to borrow his lighter. When he comes over, pretend you've left something in the kitchen and chances are he'll light the bugger for you.


Knowing when the BBQ's hot enough to cook or when the meat's done is tricky. Get it wrong and your guests will be puking and shitting themselves all weekend with food poisoning. So take advantage of the social atmosphere and keep one of your man-friends talking near the BBQ. His natural bloke instincts will take over and he'll do the lot for you without even realizing.


To maintain the illusion that you're actually cooking, wear an apron and hold a spatula (or similar cooking instrument) for effect. Poke the burgers occasionally and say something like, "I'm not sure they're quite done yet," and wait to see if the proper bloke you've conned into cooking agrees or disagrees. No one will suspect you don't have a bloody clue what you're talking about.


There a fewer sights more manly than a bloke stuffing his face with barbequed meat, so you can subliminally make everyone think you were the real master of the BBQ by scoffing as many burgers and hotdogs as possible - a simple but effective psychological trick. Plus, you probably paid for most of it. And even if you didn't, it's your gaff.


A true BBQ chef can drink loads and still work magic on the grill. And since you're not the one actually doing the cooking, get as pissed as you want and don't worry about it - they'll all think you're doing a marvelous job of being a man. Just don't fall face first into the sausages and give the game away.


No real bloke cleans up after a BBQ. He cleverly guilt trips his guests into doing it as thanks for all the excellent cooking (or in this case, genius blagging). If you're lucky they'll leave their unopened booze in your fridge, which you can drink while scoffing the leftover chicken legs after everyone's buggered off home. You've earned it after all - it's bloody hard work being a man.
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Highest Grossing Film Franchises

20th April 2015
Highest Grossing Film Franchises
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The Apple Watch Comparison

17th April 2015

The Apple Watch Comparison
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